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Back Massage

Remelyne, RMT

Remelyne graduated from Makami College in 2014 for Massage Therapy, where she completed the 3000 Hours, two-year diploma program. She is also a member of the NHPC.


She sincerely cares and is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. Remelyne enjoys mixing techniques in treating her clients depending upon the client's response and needs. 


She brings extensive experience to her massage practice and offers therapeutic massage to help clients who are struggling with chronic pain from motor vehicle accidents, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, post/prenatal, relaxation and sports massage. 


Remelyne delivers “health miracles” on a daily basis. Come see for yourself! Pain and stress relief await you.


Emmilou, RMT

Is a dedicated compassionate registered massage therapist with strong commitment to improving the well-being of clients through therapeutic touch. With 2 years in school, Emmilou has develop a deep understanding of various massage techniques and thier positive impact on physical health.

Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle tension, recovering from injury, or simply aiming to relax and rejuvenate, Emmilou brings a wealth of experience, skill and compassion to each massage session. I focus on promoting healing and the overall well-being of my clients. Emmilou is committed to being a partner in your journey towards optimal health.


Angelica, RMT

Angelica graduated from Alberta College of massage Therapy. She specializes in
Swedish, therapeutic and deep tissue massage.


She incorporates multiple modalities in her clinical approach, such as myofascial
release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques.
Angelica prioritizes understanding the unique needs and preferences of her clients and
tailors her effective massage treatment plan for every session. She likes to develop a
rapport with her clients so that they can work together to develop remedial exercises
programs to improve health and well-being.


She decided to pursue massage therapy due to her fascination with how manual
treatments have a positive impact on the body and mind. She is very open and loves to
answer any questions you may have to her best ability.


Inderjit, RMT

Inderjit Dhaliwal Inderjit Graduated from Makami College in December 2023 with an advanced degree in Massage Therapy.She is passionate about inspiring her clients to make their personal health a priority, especially those with busy lives and schedules. She uses myofascial release throughout her treatments, and has quickly become a highly requested therapist for her exceptional skills in deep tissue massage, dynamic cupping.

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