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Jade Stone

Welcome to the serene world of Jade Stone Therapy, an ancient practice where the healing power of jade stones revitalizes your mind, body, and spirit. Our Jade Stone services harness the natural energy of this precious gemstone, known for its abilities to promote emotional healing, balance, and deep relaxation. As these smooth, cool stones glide over your skin, they encourage the release of toxins, improve circulation, and ease muscle stiffness, offering a unique therapeutic experience that goes beyond traditional massage. The inherent soothing properties of jade, combined with expert techniques, create a harmonious blend of wellness and tranquility. Dive into this luxurious treatment, and let the gentle touch of jade renew your essence, leaving you feeling refreshed, calm, and beautifully balanced. Join us on this rejuvenating journey, where each session is a step closer to harmony and holistic wellness.

Jade Stone Pricing

60 Minutes                       $125

75 Minutes                       $154

90 Minutes                       $175

120 Minutes                     $230


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