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Expert Massage Therapy Services at Miracle Massage Inc in Southeast Edmonton

Deep Tissue Massage

Welcome to the realm of profound rejuvenation, where our deep tissue massage services delve into the very core of your tension and stress. Designed for those who seek more than just surface relaxation, our deep tissue techniques target the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia, providing relief from chronic pain, muscle knots, and stiffness. Our expert therapists combine strength with skill, applying focused pressure to break down adhesions and restore mobility. This intensive approach not only alleviates physical discomfort but also promotes a deeper sense of well-being, encouraging the body's natural healing process. Whether you're an athlete in recovery, dealing with persistent pain, or simply in need of a powerful reset, our deep tissue massage offers a transformative experience, paving the way to a stronger, more resilient you. Embark on a journey of deep healing and discover the profound benefits of true, deep relief.


30 Minutes                         $67

45 Minutes                         $86

60 Minutes                       $105

75 Minutes                       $125

90 Minutes                       $150

120 Minutes                     $205


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