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Expert Massage Therapy Services at Miracle Massage Inc in Southeast Edmonton

Children Massage

Welcome to our gentle oasis designed especially for the younger ones, where we embrace the delicate art of Children's Massage. In this nurturing environment, we focus on providing a warm and caring touch that supports the healthy growth, relaxation, and emotional well-being of children. Understanding the unique needs of young bodies and minds, our skilled therapists use safe, gentle techniques to soothe, calm, and comfort. Our sessions are crafted to create a positive and tranquil experience, helping to ease tension, promote restful sleep, and foster a sense of security and well-being. Join us in this special journey, where we offer a peaceful haven for your child to relax, grow, and thrive in a world of gentle touches and calming serenity.

Children Massage

30 Minutes                         $67

45 Minutes                         $86

60 Minutes                       $105

75 Minutes                       $125

90 Minutes                       $150

120 Minutes                     $205


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